The ultimate display of any self insured fund’s financial integrity is its ability to consistently return dividends to its members while conservatively protecting its members from all obligations of the fund.  Essentially all self insured programs work in the same manner, as the fund is responsible for collecting an adequate amount of premium to pay any and all claims incurred by its members, as well as excess insurance and administrative costs. 

With diligent oversight by the fund’s Board of Trustees and executive staff, the HomeBuilders SIF has become one of the most financially solvent programs of its kind in Louisiana, having distributed nearly $90 Million in dividends to fund participants since 1994.  Most recently, the Board of Trustees returned a $2.5 Million dividend to qualifying members in February 2018.

Individual participant dividends are based on a number of factors, including premiums paid and claims experience for the fund years from which the dividends are being paid.  Members must also be active at the time of distribution.

All dividends are declared and distributed at the Board's discretion.