Your Annual Member Audit

Louisiana Law requires that we audit our members once a year. While this process may sound intimidating, Homebuilders SIF is here to make the process as simple as possible! Read below to learn what documentation is required for your annual audit and how to submit your files.

Annual Audit Checklist

In order to complete your audit, please provide the following audit documentation:

IF there is Direct Employee Labor/W-2 Labor, please provide one of the following:

• Payroll Summary

• Payroll Book/Ledger

• Quarterly SUTA’s for the Applicable Coverage Period

IF there was no labor paid during the period, please provide one of the following:

• Profit and Loss Statement

• General Ledger

• Check Register

• Bank Statements with Copies of Cancelled Checks

IF there is Non-Employee Labor/1099 Labor, please provide one of the following:

• Vendor Summary/Transaction List by Vender

• General Ledger

• Check Register

• Bank Statements with Copies of Cancelled Checks

Additional Documentation Required to Complete Your Audit:

• Audit Questionnaire

• Job Duties for all Employees, Contract Laborers, and Subcontractors

• Certificates of Insurance for all Insured Subcontractors
{NOTE: COI’s must cover all dates of payment}

IF there was CASH labor paid, please provide one of the following:

• A Cash Log detailing dates and payments made to laborers

If your audit is performed with your CPA or accountant and you are not present, it is imperative that all records as outlined above are provided. If your representative does not have all records at the time of audit, your audit may be considered unobtainable.

Watch Our Video For Tips for a Successful Audit!

Submit Your Audit

Please include your company name or policy number when sending in documents. If you are having an issue mailing the information, please call our office at
(225) 387 – 0286 and we will assist you in mailing it in.

(225) 334 – 0666


Home Builders SIF
PO BOX 2911
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

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Homebuilders SIF is pleased to announce the creation of an all-new online platform through which multiple services and features will be offered to Fund Members. The online platform will enable Homebuilders SIF to more efficiently protect Fund Members by providing access to payroll and claim information, key policy documents, and important updates. Access may be achieved by identifying an authorized representative of your company to serve as an Administrator. In order to register someone as an Administrator, please provide us with the following information:
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NOTE: Administrators will have the authority and capability to view sensitive information associated with each Member's account, including claim information. Administrators can set up other users, assign rights, and may also restrict viewing access. Administrators should be carefully selected by each Member accordingly.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: 1-225-387-0286.