HomeBuilders SIF's HB Connect portal includes agent features like real-time reports and updates, paying on behalf of members, instant policy access, seeing what we see and writing new business capabilities. With this new portal, members can view their policy documents in real-time, pay online, instantly see payment posts and access real-time status information. To learn more about HB Connect, view some of our resources and FAQs below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-factor authentication is a security measure that protects your account by requiring a two-step verification.
This may already be familiar to you, as many banking and financial institutions require a password and a
second source of verification.



Visit lahb.tropicsbreeze.com/portal
to access your HB Connect portal


Enter your login information


Once you have logged in, you will be taken
to the Multi-Factor Authentication page


Click the “Send Email” button to send your
Multi-Factor Authentication code to your email


Once the code has been sent to your
email, “email sent” will pop up in green


Find the email that contains your Multi-Factor
Authentication code in your inbox (be sure to
check your spam folder!)


Enter the code on the Multi-Factor Authentication
page and press the submit button

Have more questions about HB Connect? Contact our team today at 225.387.0286 or email clientservices@lhbasif.com