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*To be eligible for the SIF VIP program you must be a new first-time member to both SIF and LHBA. Current or previous members are not eligible.

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Join our VIP* program and receive twice the value. By joining the program you will receive a one-year paid membership in the Louisiana Home Builders Association completely on us! Not only do you receive a free membership, but you will also experience all the benefits of joining SIF!
Advocacy and Support For The Industry
Access to Competitive Worker’s Compensation Rates
Marketing and Networking Opportunities
Money-Saving Benefits
Educational Opportunities

We’re LHBA Endorsed!

HomeBuilders SIF is the only Workers’ Comp provider endorsed by LHBA.
What does it mean to have a membership to the HBA?
When you join the HBA, you automatically receive membership at the local, state and national level! Your membership advantages don’t stop there. You will receive..
HBSIF-homebuilders-self-insurance-safety-insurance-icons_Governmental Advocacy
Governmental Advocacy
HBSIF-homebuilders-self-insurance-safety-insurance-icons_Marketing Opportunities
Marketing Opportunities
HomeBuilders Self Insurers Fund, HomeBuilders SIF, SIF
Updated Industry Regulations
HBSIF-homebuilders-self-insurance-safety-insurance-icons_Continuing Education Opportunities
Continuing Education Opportunities
HomeBuilders Self Insurers Fund, HomeBuilders SIF, SIF
Current Statistics and Trends
HBSIF-homebuilders-self-insurance-safety-insurance-icons_Connect with Peers
Opportunities to Connect with Peers

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Homebuilders SIF is pleased to announce the creation of an all-new online platform through which multiple services and features will be offered to Fund Members. The online platform will enable Homebuilders SIF to more efficiently protect Fund Members by providing access to payroll and claim information, key policy documents, and important updates. Access may be achieved by identifying an authorized representative of your company to serve as an Administrator. In order to register someone as an Administrator, please provide us with the following information:
Administrator Name(Required)
NOTE: Administrators will have the authority and capability to view sensitive information associated with each Member's account, including claim information. Administrators can set up other users, assign rights, and may also restrict viewing access. Administrators should be carefully selected by each Member accordingly.
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: 1-225-387-0286.